So What Next…

I’m trying to figure out what I can do to not do anything and make money to provide for my kiddo.

I’ve made nonsense on the Internet and made good money. Good money if I was still in college, not good money as a family man.

I thought I could make videos on YouTube but I really don’t want to see my stupid face nor would I want anyone to recognize my stupid face and say hi…that is of course under the preconceived notion that people will care, actually watch, grow into a fan and then into one who would recognize me.

But then I thought I have tons of old toys, video games, movies, etc nonsense. A lot of this stuff people like and don’t have. So why not shoot “unboxing” videos where I just showcase it.

I’ve recently started a laserdisc collection as I previously told you about so I thought I would start making videos of opening my new items and showing off my current collection.

I’m just spitballing here and I need to keep doing that because that’s how ideas start and how I make myself write on this blog in hopes you find it, like it, and follow it.

In the meantime here is the link to my YouTube channel so go “like and subscribe”.

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