What Does Normal Look Like?

85,000 people are dead in America in the past three months from Corona virus. That’s pushing one and half the amount of Americans who died in Vietnam. We know that fact. We hear those numbers. We don’t see it though.

It’s strange to say it but as someone who is not yet 40 I have always pictured the amount of kids lost to Vietnam as so staggering you notice two or three kids off every block. Now we exceed that number and don’t notice a thing?

I really haven’t.

But that’s only because normal has changed.

The way the grocery store looked on a typical Saturday instantly changed overnight. You were no longer going to see that. You went on Tuesday this week. That other guy starting going Monday morning. The place looks different but not empty.

This is also a virus that has seemingly been after the elderly so unless you’re into Bingo or Jesus; how many old people do you know outside of Grandma?

I am not a person who thinks this is some conspiracy nonsense. I think the times have changed in a way that we didn’t see it shift in front of us.

If tomorrow everything went back to normal I think you would hear a lot of first hand accounts of infected family or neighbors.

I think this is going to be an issue for a long time and in ways we can’t yet picture. America needs to get rid of Trump and find a more unifying person come November as this will still be going on in some form or another then and the foreseeable future. The internet age just needs intelligence not an InfoWars leader to guide us through this hiccup in human existence.

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