What’s In A Name; Intention

I’ve sold buttons online for a long time now. I picked up a 1” machine one day and set off to make custom buttons for my friend’s bands and people’s random needs. Plus a few weirdo fanboy ones to sell on eBay.

I also sell off vintage toys and movies from either my travels as a collector or from my collection itself. Through doing this I have had a few brand names and .coms like…

  • Off-Air Buttons
  • RevolutionaryBum
  • DoNotWearShoes
  • heyitsdaveralph

-I am not entirely sure why I picked Off Air. I loved the images of the tv when programming turned off and the general idea of tv being done for the day. Media is a driving force in me but I find it strange that was my first choice.

-Revolutionary Bum is the most obvious choice for a name for me. I love Bob Dylan, as we all should, and it is a reference to the song The Hurricane. I picked this when I was in college in the early 00s as what my movie production company would be called so it makes sense to use for something real. I went on to use this one for the longest time. Under this banner I had my buttons, sure but I also had a T-Shirt print shop and according to RAW it’s my artist name.

-When I no longer had my print shop and I was working more in the resale of nostalgia than button orders so I changed gears to DoNotWearShoes. This was a direct reference to the Nintendo Power Pad’s one printed rule on the device. I used this for a few years and had a bunch of success locally for a bumper sticker in the Nintendo font that says Cleveland so the name really worked out well. But over time I got sick of it, for no reason.

-Outside of my first couple aol names I picked heyitsdaveralph early and used it for over the past 10 years. As much as I enjoy getting money from making buttons while watching a billion hours of tv I’d prefer to make more money off writing stuff on this site or doing the videos I’m doing on YouTube. So I switched the brand name to heyitsdaveralph. This way the button/toy people and the people who read can overlap in an onslaught of money and power that always comes with a blog.

All my toy sales come from packages that say @heyitsdaveralph or heyitsdaveralph.com and come with a button of my logo. They know nothing besides shopping but maybe now some dude can come by here and the traffic can build or if you look around blogs you’ll find a cool something to buy… I’m rambling and a little small so I’m just going to hit the schedule post button and do something else.

But before you go… make sure you hit up all the social media hot spots and punch in @heyitsdaveralph or totally hit up heyitsdaveralph.com every day simply for the reason to help me get the support I want.

Thanks for being rad.

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