I Mean, Ya. Seeing Is Believing.

-Did you ever play casper for SNES?


I never played it that I can recall. I did however love the movie and I fell head over heels for Christina Ricci. I can’t seem to find a picture of it but growing up I had a Pamela Anderson poster hanging on my wall from her days of Baywatch but I had a black and white Tiger Beat or such picture of Christina over pam’s face.


I wish I could find proof of this.

But minus how cute or hot or just a babe… I don’t know what a 6th grade boy would have said; but whatever it was she was where it’s at.


(her boobs are in Prozac Nation)

So…I loved that movie also for the fact that it was just good.


The set design is beautiful.


I thought the special effects were neat look but maybe even most of all…


…Really, it’s kinda like Ghostbusters 3. In this picture, Mr. Aykroyd is saying “Who ya gonna call? Someone else.” and runs away scared. One might say he was afraid of a ghost.

This post isn’t straight up about how great the movie is. This is a post is to show off the title screen of the game. I think nostalgia comes from the background mundane so I have a bunch of title screens on my YouTube just waiting for you to watch, listen or just absorb. Check them out. And before you do that, watch the one I brought here for; Casper.

O, but first look at some of the movie’s cameos or characters, the cast is bonkers.






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