Dead Tech at its Finest

Things have gotten out of hand with my laserdisc collection; as in it’s a laserdisc collection. It’s all I want, it’s taken over my Nintendo collecting. My poor carts haven’t grown in over a year, in fact I’ve lost a couple heavy hitters for the value needed at the time.

Once I started going at the movies I kept it to my favorite titles from my favorite time period but it expanded to being too loose on the titles. Like I own Apocalypse Now on laserdisc because it was a dollar, I should have passed, I’ve never even seen that movie.

Over the weekend I bought 16 laserdiscs. A couple I’m excited for, a few for fun and one blows me away. But this isn’t about any of this except that I love my laserdisc collection and a needed an intro for this awesome clip I found of Mr. Wizard talking L.D.

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