Angus 13/365

This movie is just top notch. I loved it as a teenager and on a recent rewatched I enjoyed it just the same.

In my collection of movies I have VHS and LaserDiscs along with some DVDs and Blu Rays. I like the laserdiscs the most and prefer any old movie in the collection on that format but every once in a while I get a tape thats just as good.

This is that tape.

This, as you can see, is the Promo copy but also a “Special Contest Screener”. It’s strange and unopened. I’m not going to open it because there’s just no point. I have a digital copy for whenever I want to watch it so what’s the need. I don’t collect movies for value though, I have them because I like them. I always take off any plastic on a movie when the bottoms or sides are cut too but sealed is just nice. (I’ve been thinking about opening my copy of Madhouse but won’t)

But why is it both? Someone won a contest where the prize was a promotional copy for video store owners?

If you have not seen this before I suggest you check it out.

Here’s the trailer.

He’s just a fat kid trying to make his way through puberty but Mox is a real asshole to him. Angus attempts to bond with a young lady who will later go on to have a horrible weekend with her brother and grandfather on Isla Nublar all while keeping his kleptomaniac friend Troy in line.

It’s $5.99 on iTunes and that’s a score.

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