Malcolm X 18/365

I read the book this movie is based on while riding the bus from downtown Pittsburgh to my rented apartment in a borough outside the city during my college day. I didn’t think anything of it until on one of those trips a young black man asked me why I was reading it. As I answered about my views and the historical importance his lady friend repeatedly said stop to him. He told me I shouldn’t read it (white I’m a white kid) and I just said there’s nothing wrong with attempting understanding. I found it strange he had such an issue while informing me he had never read it. I sincerely tried to play it as cool as possible because it was all so bizarre to me.

In 1992 Spike Lee released this epic film to inform and educate the masses on this prolific man. Denzel Washington comes on screen in full force to represent a man even the silver screen couldn’t hold.

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