Friday the… Close Enough Man

“It just wouldn’t be a relaxing camping trip at Crystal Lake (or Forest GREEN) without the pungent aroma of sticky-icky reefer wafting through the air.  Since the very first installment, our favorite franchise breathes in and out a rather progressive take on the imbibing of Colombian Gold, man.   Grass, hash, the weed, dig it? 

     While certainly illegal inside the jurisdiction of this cursed summer campground, marijuana has enjoyed an intoxicating role in the world of our beloved franchise.  Whether it was to get in the mood, relieve boredom, or just to mellow out, Mary Jane should be considered another character in the films.  In this look back at the Friday the 13th franchise, we examine the use of the bubonic chronic that makes you choke.  Sh*t, this ain’t no joke. (My apologies to Snoop Dogg.)”

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