These Are The 27 Most Disturbing Movies Of The Century So Far

“This is not a fun list. 

No, this is not a compilation of movies you casually put on, hoping for a chill time on your couch. You don’t watch the films on this list as much as the films on this list happen to you: they slip under your skin, slide into the folds of your brain, worm their way into your very soul. When the /Film team sat down to hammer out a list of the most disturbing movies of the century so far, we drew a hard line. Nothing could make it on the list unless we found it actively unpleasant to experience. There are no cornball haunted house movies or cheesy slashers contained here. This is the real nightmare fuel. The movies that pushed our buttons in profound ways.”

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Please be forewarned, these movies can be downright disturbing; so just throwing out the trigger warning for pretty much anything that could be a trigger.

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