Low G Man 047/365

In September of 1990 I was a little kid who had to go to an after school program because my parents worked. While I was there you could do all sorts of activities like play outside, play video games or what I prefered to do; hang out with the few girls there. But I do very vividly recall the day I was getting my snack and a kid named Drew had Low G Man and for some reason it just spoke to me. The cover had him flying away, what could this game be?

“The year is 2284, and the human race has perfected space travel and is colonizing the galaxy. To help out, robots of all types are used in exploring new planets. There are even entire planets dedicated to manufacturing new robots. But then an alien race captured one of the robot manufacturing planets and reprogrammed the robots to destroy humans! Now it’s up to you to go in and take back the planet. Using a low gravity backpack, you have the ability to jump higher than normally possible. You also have a wide variety of weapons to help battle the robots guarding the planet, and additional weapons can be found by destroying certain robots. Some robots will be riding in vehicles. If you destroy the driver, you can capture the vehicle to help you out on your mission.”

Pick up your own copy here and don’t forget to check “Sold Items” before hitting up an auction.

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