John Elway’s Quarterback 061/365

John Elway is pile of shit and anything associated with him is a piece of it. Yesterday in 1990 this money grab was released and no one cared. John Elway is so worthless his game does not deserve to be discussed on its proper release date.

I’m from Cleveland.

“In John Elway’s Quarterback, it’s one player vs. the computer or two human players going head-to-head in single-game American football action. Select your team’s home city (there is no NFL or NFLPA license, so there are no real teams or players) and then battle the opposing team for four 15-minute (accelerated real-time) quarters. Graphics are simple: one team has blue uniforms, the other team red ones. The human player gets control of the quarterback on offense and the middle linebacker on defense. The play perspective is top-down and vertical-scrolling. Choose from 9 offensive–mostly passing–plays and 6 defensive plays. Teams have 9 players each.”

Pick up your own copy here and don’t forget to check “Sold Items” before hitting up an auction.

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