Hook: The Toy Line Overview

The Hook toy line is one I played with for past the time I should have according to my Grandma, who scolded me as I made Rufio skateboard over her mantle. She may have been right since the movie was released December 11, 1991 and the toy line created by Mattel in 1992 which made me 11 and 12 for those dates. Nah, she was wrong. I still play with them.

I’ve collected this line as soon as I got back into toys as an adult but never carded. I truly enjoyed playing with them and wanted them all over my office in played with condition. Over time though that changes and I started going for Mint On Card figures.

Toy Line Commercial

What I found very interesting while I moved forwarded was how I was wrong about how many toys there actually were. Apparently there was a second series I have never had nor did I know exist. As I looked into it I found they were sold overseas as the toy line was not too popular here in the states. But as I went even deeper in my nerd rabbit hole I found they were here when I received my first 2nd series figure and it had American markings from Kay Bee’s 3 for $9.99 bin. I’ll show you that one as I go through my personal MOC collection.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Commercial

I even have the McDonald’s line because I’m bonkers but not the wearable ones because I’m not rich.

Hook Cosplay Commercial

Keep checking back for my updates from the 1992 Mattel Hook Toy Line and many others

Movie Trailer

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