Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf 251/365

O, Cool. Thanks for this “Fighting”Golf video game, Lee Trevino.
This game came out in September of 1988 and it sucks, you know that.

“When this golf simulation was released in 1988 the U.S. National Video Game Team said it was “by far the best video golf simulation available”.

1 to 4 players can tee it up on either an 18 hole American course or an 18 hole Japanese course. Players 1 & 3 share controller 1 and players 2 & 4 share controller 2.

Game modes are:

  • Stroke Play – The winner has the lowest number of strokes through 18 holes.
  • Nassau Game – The players compete against each other for points. Presses are allowed.
  • Practice – A single player can practice on their favorite hole.

Swing mechanics are: Press A to start the backswing, press A at the top of the swing, press A at impact. High and low shots can be selected by pressing up or down on the control pad. Right after contact another quick press of the A button at the same time as left or right will apply backspin to the ball. Complete club selection is available with the B button.

Terrain includes tee, green, fairway, out-of-bounds, water, sand (light and hard), and rough (super, light, heavy and deep).

There are four available characters:

  • Pretty Amy – Slow swing speed with fantastic ball control and accurate aiming.
  • Big Jumbo – Powerful stroke and a long hitter but good technique is needed to control his shots.
  • Super Mex – All-around player with average distance, accuracy and swing speed.
  • Miracle Chosuke – Less power than Super Mex but good at putting and unequalled accuracy. He can hit a “Reverse Miracle Putt.”

Pick up your own copy here and don’t forget to check “Sold Items” before hitting up an auction.

I’m only putting this here because it’s insane anyone would want to watch this.

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