Super Team Games 310/365

November 1st, 1988 a new Power Pad game was released so we could sit on our knees and smash the pad with our hands. It never should have been called Super but with the year it was released we’ll give them a pass as the SNES wasn’t ready just yet.

Super Team Games is a side scrolling game where two players compete in races on an obstacle course. The game utilizes the Nintendo Power Pad; to control your on screen character you will need to run in place on the Power Pad to make your character run, and actually jump to make him jump. In the basic game you need to run and jump your way to the finish line as fast as possible. Some additional game variations are available, such as the belly bump ball (you need to roll a giant ball through the obstacle course by running into it), the crab walk (make it to the finish line walking like a crab!), the water cross (water is found on the track; if you mistime your jump and land in the water you need to swim to get out costing you valuable time), the bubble run (racing through the course inside a giant bubble), or the skateboard race. Several cooperative games are included as well, including a tug of war, relay race, and six legged race.”

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Say what you want; it’s cheating.

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