WCW: World Championship Wrestling 343/365

If you follow these daily games you know I think wrestling games are super fun and this one is in no way different. You got to be The Nature Boy!
So yeah, December 8th, 1989 was a real good day for little kids across the states.

WCW: World Championship Wrestling is an isometric wrestling game of the National Wrestling Alliance. Players can choose to engage in one- or two-player matches as either 1vs1 solo bouts or 2vs2 tag-teams. Upon selecting a mode, players choose their characters from among twelve featured wrestlers from the NWA league. Licensed characters include: Rick Flair (“Nature Boy”), Sting, Lex Luger (“Total Package”), Mike Rotunda, Road Warrior Hawk, Road Warrior Animal, Steve Williams (“”Dr. Death”), Kevin Sullivan (“Gamemaster”), Ricky Steamboat (“The Dragon”), Ric Steiner (“Dogface Gremlin”), Eddie Gilbert (“Hotstuff”) and Michael P.S. Hayes. Each wrestler has unique abilities not shared by the other wrestlers, including finishing moves and rope toss.

Prior to a match, the player is presented with a menu of eight “moves”, of which the player chooses four to assign to the points of the directional pad. Once the match starts, the player is only able to use the four moves selected and the rope toss to attack the opponent. Each wrestler can move up, down, left and right inside the wrestling ring, climb the turnstiles at each corner and throw opponents out of the ring (where they will be disqualified if outside for 20 seconds). Each wrestler has a high damage “finisher move” which can only be performed when they are standing in the middle of the ring and the opponent’s stamina bar is low.”

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