3-D WorldRunner 071/365

As far back as today in 1987 3-D WorldRunner was dropped at our doorsteps to completely destroy our stupid brains with these mind moving turns. It was one thing to stand at an arcade and see it but a whole other to sit in the basement staring at it for hours on end with no twenty-five cent interruptions.

“Somewhere in a place known as Solar System #517, the evil Grax and his horde of Serpent Beasts are terrorizing the people of the eight worlds. A hero is needed who can run and jump. Jump between worlds, in fact. That hero is the WorldRunner.

3-D WorldRunner is a 3rd person game, behind the player, moving “forwards” towards the screen and away from you. Your only skill is the ability to jump. Jump over holes, enemies and on top of columns. Bonus items are found in the air, on top of columns and laying on the ground. Additionally the game is viewable in 3-D with a pair of 3-D glasses (included in the original box).”

Pick up your own copy here and don’t forget to check “Sold Items” before hitting up an auction.

I couldn’t find the commercial again so here’s another 3D classic

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