Hook: The Toy Line Overview

The Hook toy line is one I played with for past the time I should have according to my Grandma, who scolded me as I made Rufio skateboard over her mantle. She may have been right since the movie was released December 11, 1991 and the toy line created by Mattel in 1992 which made me 11 and 12 for those dates. Nah, she was wrong. I still play with them.

Rad Racer 219/365

August. 1987. The 7th to be exact; is a truly special day. Rad Burst through our screens to bring home driving action that was really good. Perfect for the times in fact. It even went crazy and added 3D glasses to the mix to make sure it really did burst through your screen.

NFL 216/365

Today is the start of NFL Preseason games so I figured why not throw out this one. Originally from October of 1990 comes a wonderful game from our youth that I will never need to turn on again. Ever. Watch the Opening Titles below for memories and leave it at that.

RoadBlasters 214/365

In August of '85 we no longer had to pump those quarters into the arcade cabinet to play RoadBlasters. The thing is, we still should have. This is a fine at home driving game but it is definitely better with the wheel in your hand.

Bad Dudes 212/365

Here we are on the last day of the month and it's time to celebrate Bad Dudes. This came came out this month in 1990 and since I apparently do not own a lot of July titles I had to goodbye to the month with one of its own.

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