A Boy And His Blob 124/365

This one from December of 1989 is still a blast. You kind of feel like a side scroller but also having fun with puzzles. I bet the people at Kirby thought “we can make this game cuter”.
Do you like this one? I think it’s a hit or miss for people.

“In this unique Platform/Puzzle game you take control of a boy who has to help a blob getting to his home planet. It isn’t a conventional Platformer, as the boy cannot jump or attack enemies. Instead, the Blob can be fed with different kinds of jelly beans, which will transform him into various objects. He can be used as a ladder, a bridge or a trampoline, turned into an umbrella to slow down the boy’s fall or shield him from falling objects, into a bubble to let the boy swim and breathe underwater, a blow torch to burn certain obstacles or even a bird which enables him to follow the boy everywhere. There’s total of 12 different shapes the blob can take on, all of which can be used to freely explore the game world.”

Pick up your own copy here and don’t forget to check “Sold Items” before hitting up an auction.

Check out this IGN speed run.

What are your thoughts?

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