American Mary – 2012

American Mary is the tale of a young Medical Student, Mary Mason who runs into trouble with horrible professors and a trail of creditors while trying to get on with her adult life.

When thinking she hit rock bottom Mary heads to the local Strip Club to remove her clothes for extra money but during her creepy interview a man is injured. Billy the club owner offers Mary too much money to turn down to help him in the seedy basement. She then proceeds to save a one eyed man’s life so he can be killed another day. Although she did save someone the realities of her evening makes her super uncomfortable so she returned home to shower and cry.

American Mary

The following day she gets a call from a young lady who is willing to yet again, pay her more money than she can refuse for an operation. But now it’s body modification so it’s not necessarily wrong just illegal and she is not a doctor. This paired with her professor making a very fatal mistake helps guide her to an underground world while he continues to teach her in unexpected ways.

This is as far as I want to get with the plot as to not spoil anything or give too many hints of what’s to come but I do recommend you spend the hour and a half needed to watch it and the X amount of time to digest it.

If you grew up with titles like Dee Snider’s Stangeland or watched too many X-Files episodes than you will 100% enjoy this flick. I will always suggest purchasing directly from the filmmakers (here) if you can strictly for the sake of art but either way hit up ScreamBox or Shudder if you subscribe for American Mary by The Soska Sisters

American Mary
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