Battle Tank 096/365

It was bitter cold in September of 1990 when Battle Tank was released. It forced kids of all ages to huddle around the warm glow of the television screen to not only feel their toes again but to look out the window of a tank…and it was awesome.

Battletank is an advanced tank simulator where players take control of a tank from its driver’s seat. Players are stuck straight in the tank and sent off to the battlefield in order to accomplish the mission they are assigned to.

Mission objectives.can be anything from eliminating the enemies to destroying the enemy fuel dump to taking out an enemy camp. However dangerous enemies lurk all over the battlefield. Helicopters, minefields and other tanks wait to block your moves. These enemies can move off-screen and strafe around the tank, leading to difficulties.

However, many strategic elements are involved. The first-person mode offers a limited view of the battlefield, and if players push the tank into overdrive it can miss the target and rush into a nest of tanks or a minefield. Turret angle, ammunition, and tank fuel remaining must all be taken into account by the player. To add to this, certain guns on the tank (there’s 4 of them) will only hurt certain enemies. But don’t expect any help here! Six hits and your tank is cooked!”

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I couldn’t find the trailer but I did find this.

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