The Shop

My online store is called @heyitsdaveralph and its full of old toys, movies on dead technologies and things from tchotchke machines. But I thought I would try out a few options here just to see how it works in an attempt to save on fees. So you can click here and buy stuff like usual from my store or you buy one of the few options below to help me try out this side.
(You’re gonna get tons of extra goodies…more than usual for being a guinea pig)

Surprise VHS Listing

I have an abundance of killer VHS tapes. Take a chance and pick up a set of four tapes from my collection for cheap. You will not get doubles here. These are coming from my legit personal stock. The higher the quantity the higher the value of tapes. Always Free Shipping.


Cleveland Bumper Sticker

A sticker made for the outside but rad enough for anywhere.


Full Rental Set

The Full 1″ Rental Set The two best formats and a couple of chains, followed by some rules. Who would have thought you’d want these buttons… but you do.


Short Rental Set

The Short 1″ Rental set. You had a VCR and a weekend of sitting around. If only we could go back. Time to collect on your imagination.


Large Rental Set

The Large Rental is just the Short Set but now they are 1.5″ Buttons. Same Designs, Yet Even Radder.


You will receive all Buttons shown.
(plus some other random goodness)
Shipped in a bubble wrapped mailer for safety by the fine people at the USPS.
I ship most days so expect no later than a week to arrive.
No International Shipping but in the states it’s fast and it’s free.

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