How Are You Standing Up?

I’ve been making buttons for a long time now showing off bands I think are cool or quotes from movies that deserve more respect. I am also someone who enjoys the great political minds and transitions of the 60s in America. With that respect I’ve made buttons showcasing some great political signs or references for political strife in the past.

How Are You Standing Up?

We all know how awful the overturning of Roe v Wade will be and has already been for Women’s Rights. But seeing as how I belong to a congregation that works very hard to secure a person’s individual freedoms and should have the support of living person who agrees with Choice I wanted to let you know. They are called, The Satanic Temple.

Movie Posters From Africa

Movie posters are a very important part of the cinema from when we walk in the building and see them on the outside telling us which to see next to when we plaster them in our homes to showcase our love and admiration for a title.

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