Bad Dudes 212/365

Here we are on the last day of the month and it's time to celebrate Bad Dudes. This came came out this month in 1990 and since I apparently do not own a lot of July titles I had to goodbye to the month with one of its own.

The Uncanny X-Men 209/365

This is a December title from 1989 so I suspect it was high on many little kids' Christmas lists that year. It's a good title that I enjoyed as a kid but I don't think it holds up. Not like some of the other X-Men titles from the past.

Bases Loaded 3 208/365

Today in 1990 we got the third installment of a great baseball series. They added a bunch of extras that are meaningless to us today but amazing when I was ten. What's your favorite out of the three?

Dr. Mario 207/365

Truth be told Dr. Mario doesn't come out until tomorrow in 1990. Although today is the 26th and not the 27th we are celebrating. Why? Because I have another game to put up tomorrow and because Dr. Mario is so radical you deserve it a day early.

Blades of Steel 206/365

Blades of Steel was fucking awesome. I'm sorry, Blades of Steel IS fucking awesome. Still worth playing ever since December of 1988. Celebrate Christmas in July with a Great Lakes Christmas Ale and a copy of this game.