Back To The Future 262/365

Back to the Future is my all time favorite trilogy, it's my Star Wars. It's the movie I play everytime I'm sick or need background noise. For that reason alone this September release from 1989 is one of my personal favorites.

Super Mario Bros. 256/365

Here it is; The Greatest Video Game Ever. Mario Brothers was released on this cart today, September 13th, 1985 to obvious wild acclaim. If it was not for this title, I honestly do not believe we would be where we are with video games.

Adventure Island 255/365

I don't want to come off like I'm being mean here; not only on Adventure Island's birthday, September 12th, 1986 but because I really like this game but whenever I do I just wish I was playing Bonk's Adventure. I'm just being honest here.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 254/365

In September of 1989 we found a whole new way to check out Jessica Rabbit. Just joking, I wasn't that kid that thought cartoons were attractive but I sure did want to live in this world of both cartoon and humans together. Plus any world with a version of Christopher Lloyd is alright with me.

Xevious 253/365

Just to keep a short theme from yesterday going; here is Xevious another arcade classic released in September of 1988. It was a great port and instant classic in the realms of basement dwellers.