The Uncanny X-Men 209/365

This is a December title from 1989 so I suspect it was high on many little kids' Christmas lists that year. It's a good title that I enjoyed as a kid but I don't think it holds up. Not like some of the other X-Men titles from the past.

Bases Loaded 3 208/365

Today in 1990 we got the third installment of a great baseball series. They added a bunch of extras that are meaningless to us today but amazing when I was ten. What's your favorite out of the three?

Dr. Mario 207/365

Truth be told Dr. Mario doesn't come out until tomorrow in 1990. Although today is the 26th and not the 27th we are celebrating. Why? Because I have another game to put up tomorrow and because Dr. Mario is so radical you deserve it a day early.

Blades of Steel 206/365

Blades of Steel was fucking awesome. I'm sorry, Blades of Steel IS fucking awesome. Still worth playing ever since December of 1988. Celebrate Christmas in July with a Great Lakes Christmas Ale and a copy of this game.

Anticipation 200/365

It's was November; 1988. The weather was cold and you waited for you mom to get home with the new video game you have play with your sister. The anticipation is killing you until you hear her car in the driveway. You run out hoping for a Mario or Bomberman but no, you received Anticipation.