Dance Aerobics 057/365

This came out today, the 26th of February in 1987 as a fun way to exercise. A way to enjoy burning those calories in a new proven alternative.
Well, it’s 2/26/2022 and they still have not gotten it right. They started here with the Power Pad and are stuck somewhere around the Power Block for the Wii and WiiU. But hey, there’s a FitBit now!!!

Dance Aerobics is a chance to get fit by following the movements of an aerobics instructor.

Players use side B of the Power Pad accessory (a floor mat with 12 pads in a 4 by 3 grid) to follow the movements of an aerobics instructor. To succeed the player must press the pads with there feet and hands at the same time as the on screen aerobics instructor. Any missed movements are recorded on a mistake counter and 10 missed movements will fail the level. The routines (a set of repeated movements) start slow and simple with a bit of no-penalty practise time however as the player gets better the routines get more complex with less practices time. Each level has a set number of routines that increase with each level from 4 at the start to a total of 32 on the final level (level 7). At the successful completion of each level the player will get a pass stamp which they can enter later to skip that level.

The second mode is mini-games called Pad Antics that includes Tune Up, Mat Melodies, and Ditto. Tune Up is where the 10 of the 12 pads (the centre 2 been where the player stands) makes a musical note (do, re, me etc.). Mat Melodies is like Tune Up but the player is given a song to play and the player must memorise to play the notes as they come as every missed note loses points, get over 80 points (from starting at 100) and progress to a harder song. Ditto is like a one-player twister like game where the objective is to place you hands and feet where indicated on the mat on the screen with 1 or 2 points scored with every successful position.

The third mode is Aerobics Studios. Aerobics Studios is the same as the main game but with only 4 levels (Studio 5, Studio 10, Studio 15, and Studio 20) all unlocked at the start, a score that counts down from 100 with mistakes (or up if the player is doing well), no progression in levels, and the player can continue playing even if there score is at 0.”

Pick up your own copy here and don’t forget to check “Sold Items” before hitting up an auction.

What are your thoughts?

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