Dave Ralph Pro Sitter 5

I’ve been working from home because of the health scare we are all dealing with and I decided to upgrade a few things to make everything work perfectly for the company. As much as I like my coworkers and the feel the company gives off to its employees I would love to stay at home. There is something about working from home that gives me a better quality of life. Maybe it’s the freedom of not feeling watched every time you walk through a room to the bathroom or the general ease of wearing your favorite sweatshirt while working instead of a button up.

End of the day, I want it as smooth as possible to work from the office in my house so I upgraded the internet speeds to the top possible in my area and bought a WiFi extender to then wire in my work and personal set ups. After discussing the phone aspect of my job I was told the Arctis 3 would be perfect for work and I could play games online. As much as I love video games I have always been into retro cartridges and a few random other titles. I’ve never considered myself a “gamer” so I don’t have a headset. Well, if it’s good for the job I’ll get it; and I did.

I also needed to feel more comfortable while working. I have an old computer chair my Dad gave me when he upgraded his. It was fine for a few years but not sitting in it full time. After looking around the internet I settled on a Tony Stark inspired gaming chair because I’m a dork.

But the thing about these purchases is that I can wheel my chair to the PS4 and plug in the headphones; I can play Tony Hawk for a while and ramble on and on about it.

I, mean, my kid watches gaming videos all day.

I can do this nonsense.

So here it is. My first gaming video.

Actually, it’s my second. The first one got pulled down because I didn’t turn off the soundtrack and YouTube flagged it for ownership issues.

What are your thoughts?

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