Demolition Man: The Overview

Demolition Man was released at #1 to theaters on October 8th, 1993 with a worldwide total of just under $160 million. It eventually came home on VHS in March of ’94 but it was Pay-Per-View that cemented this movie in my life.

Movie Trailer

When I was a kid I would order movies from PPV all the time. I don’t know if my parents never looked at the bill or just thought not to talk to me but I sat in the basement watching movies over and over. Demolition Man was one I instantly taped and basically put on repeat.

When I fell in love with this I was a little too old to buy and play with actions figures. I was at that age where I couldn’t admit I still liked childish things and honestly these figures aren’t the coolest. They took this R rated movie and produced some children’s toys using the He-Man molds that don’t really make sense. For example there is no Lenina Huxley figure yet they made one of the Cryo Scientist.

Toy Commercial

Almost 30 years later I have decided it’s time, I want them. So I went to the internet and found they are kind of expensive so maybe I won’t. But then when looking around I saw an auction that was being missed by the masses and bought one for cheap; it was over at that point. So now I’m on the hunt to complete this line and you can follow along.

Watch this weird stuff below and then check back to catch up on my Demolition Man finds.

In 10 years, 2032, I am only eating at taco Bell and Pizza Hut out of respect for this perfect movie.

Not every country was into Taco Bell or really even knew what it was so check out the Pizza Hut version.

On a deeply personal note; Out of everything that takes place my absolute favorite part is that the movie was made in 1991-92 and released in 1993 yet they decided to make the future date 1996. In a meir 3 years prisoners were frozen for their jail sentences across America.

What are your thoughts?

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