Destruction by Definition

When I was a teenager I found punk rock. In fact it was given to by who I consider an American hero; Mr. Dan Johnson. He was just a buddy who made me a tape that had the Minor Threat discography record on it, Dixie by Avail and a Minor Threat cover by The Suicide Machines. This tape would later go on to change my life and I am very regretful I do not still own it.

On May 21st, 1998 The Suicide Machines played at a club called Peabody’s Downunder and I went with my friends.

I don’t remember all that much from the day which is weird because I love yesterday so much but there are parts I recall. Like my girlfriend having to leave early and walking her out or how her friend crowd surfed for the first time that night, but not if it was stage diving. (my first stage diving experience was at a Suicide Machines shows at Club Laga in Pittsburgh, PA) A phenomenal part was that we made claim to the side of the stage and watched from a pretty great viewpoint. The disposable camera wasn’t too awesome but that’s what these days should look like.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures and let me know if you saw them or were ever at Peabody’s.

What are your thoughts?

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