Dick Tracy 223/365

This month in 1990 Dick Tracy came home in a way we were not use to. Sure he’s been in comics for years and on TV but now we get to be be him by plugging into the coax cable.
I’d rather watch the movie or play outside pretending I had the coolest watch ever than play this though.

What do you think?

“You play as square-jawed detective Dick Tracy as he tries to solve five different crimes that vary in difficulty. This game is mostly a platform game with some overhead driving to get to the different buildings in search of clues.

There are five different weapons in the game: hand gun, tommy gun, super punch, tear gas and Tracy’s plain fists. There are also medical kits that can be found. Enemies can be armed or unarmed. If Tracy shoots an unarmed thug, he loses health.

The main goal of the game is to collect five clues; enough to be able to arrest the culprit. Clues are scattered all over town in various buildings, usually full of Tracy-hating thugs. You start by viewing the mugshots of known criminals, going to there last whereabouts and interrogating them.”

Pick up your own copy here and don’t forget to check “Sold Items” before hitting up an auction.

What are your thoughts?