Greg Norman’s Golf Power 184/365

Greg Norman sold his name and Golf Power came home in July of 1992 and it did not matter. The End.

“This golf game comes with pre-designed golf courses in locales such as the U.S.A., Japan, England, Scotland, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, and Hawaii. There is also an opportunity for the player to design their own golf course. The game features variable weather conditions like showers, downpours, wind, and sunshine. The game allows for both strokeplay and matchplay. It also allows for three difficulty levels: novice, amateur, and professional. Practice mode lets the player train on the putting green or on a practice hole.

Gameplay consists of aiming the golf ball and then swinging the chosen golf club. Swinging is done by a meter which measures the power of the shot and determines whether the ball gets hit straight, hooks, or slices. Putting is done with an overhead view on the green with the meter being used to measure the amount of power that is put on a putt.”

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