Gyromite 225/365

Gyromite came out today in 1985 so you could have tons of fun even without friends. Because you had R.O.B.; a robotic operating buddy which was what this game was all about.

What’s cool about this game title is that most of these came from overseas and were created for the Famicom. Nintendo decided to create converters and put them in some games. This is the one you find them in the most and you can tell because they are heavier. If you open it up and take it out you can use it for other Famicom titles you’ve picked up along the way.

“In Gyromite, you need to help a mad scientist deactivate all of the dynamite in his laboratory before time runs out! ROB the robot will assist you in this game by moving the red and blue pillars blocking the way. Just in case finding your way through the laboratory wasn’t enough, be sure to watch out for the deadly Smicks who wander about trying to prevent success of your mission. If you find a radish, pick it up and feed it to the Smicks so you can safely get past them. There is also a second game variation where you need to clear the way for a sleepwalking mad scientist so he can get home safely.”

Pick up your own copy here and don’t forget to check “Sold Items” before hitting up an auction.

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