Happy New Year

So this is the new year, this is 2020. Well, I’m laying in bed with a tonsil that wants to explode.

I have big plans for this year. I know it’s the cool thing to say I don’t buy into the new year, new me thing but why not use an arbitrary date to push yourself in the right direction. So this year I’m doing it. I’m going after my goals one final time. My life goal is nothing more than not having to work a normal job.

I want to make money off writing. Yeah, I’m super old and it’s a hard ass field but to me it’s big. So if it’s big, it has the room for me.

We all have interesting points of view, each and every one of us. Simply because we are not the same. Hearing how anyone else exists is fascinating and I hope I can bring you into my world and you’re interested enough to engage.

What are your thoughts?

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