How Are You Standing Up?

I’ve been making buttons for a long time now showing off bands I think are cool or quotes from movies that deserve more respect. I am also someone who enjoys the great political minds and transitions of the 60s in America. With that respect I’ve made buttons showcasing some great political signs or references for political strife in the past.

During the time that Black Lives Matter became a household name my buttons devoted to Huey P. Newton grew in popularity. Although I was happy for his legacy, I quickly realized these purchases were for the current movement. I looked around to find a proper place to donate a large portion of the sales and placed it in the hands of the Huey P. Newton Foundation which is run by his widow.

Now I am finding with the overturning of Roe v Wade my ones showcasing a woman’s right to choose are unfortunately being purchased not only for their historical value but for the mistakes of the current Supreme Court. Because of this if you want to snag some buttons to fight the good fight I’ll be donating a portion of them to The Satanic Temple for their efforts.

Snag them here.

What are your thoughts?

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