James Bond Jr. 263/365

I don’t have any memories of this before school cartoon but if he’s anything like his old man he’s either running around with a golden gun or chasing dames.
So let us take the time to celebrate the release of James Bond Jr today, September 20th, 1991.

“Based off a cartoon series of the same name, the game puts the player in control of James Bond’s teenage nephew, James Bond Jr. Many scientists have disappeared, and it isJunior’s task to find them and save the world. Agents have seen missile sites on an island and they believe that Scumlord is responsible. All in a day’s work…

This version of James Bond Jr. is a side-scrolling shooter with puzzle-solving elements. Beside dealing with enemies, the protagonist will also have to complete certain tasks in most levels, such as locating blueprints, rescuing hostages, etc. Sometimes a logic puzzle must be solved in order to advance. Each stage has a time limit.”

Pick up your own copy here and don’t forget to check “Sold Items” before hitting up an auction.

Toys are better than video games.

What are your thoughts?