Night Flight Appreciation Post

I have a bunch of different streaming services like everyone else. My home keeps Disney+, AppleTV, Prime, HBOmax, Netflix, Hulu Live, Peacock, Paramount+, ScreamBox and Shudder but recently we added a year’s worth of Night Flight after their insanely low Black Friday pricing.

And it’s the best tv decision I’ve made in a long time. It cost $30 for the year but really, it’s only $40 any other time. In fact, this weekend there is another $10 off if you use the code “VINEGAR”. Not for strokes but for the new release of Vinegar Syndrome.

If you don’t remember or simply do not know; Night Flight was a block of time on USA Network in the early 80s (81-88) that played weirdo music, shorts, shows, anything…it was a magazine show of the odd. If you subscribe you can watch these episodes uncut with the commercials. Commercials, you know, those things you hated so very much but get the biggest kick out of seeing now.

Now with their streaming service they pile on the strange with movies, documentaries and random tv shows.

I personally love it and it’s my favorite streaming purchase simply because I like to leave the tv on when I fall asleep and they offer two stations with non stops movies and music. Just the other day I was awakened at 6am by the dog and there was Cannibal Holocaust welcoming me to a new day.

Night Flight deserves a lot of praise for introducing my peers and I to some truly bizarre tales. Later when it left the airwaves, Up All Night with Gilbert Gottfried took over, so even on the way out it gave us what we did not deserve.

Thanks Night Flight. You Rule.

What are your thoughts?

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