Gauntlet 2 266/365

Not only is this game fantastic and the previous one fantastic but the ad campaign wrote the commercial directly for why I love the original NES so much. Thank you for this game in my basement starting in September, 1990

Tetris 2 264/365

On September 21st, 1993 Nintendo tried to make some more money off of the phenomenon that was Tetris by putting out a sequel that had different colors, even though it rules the Gameboy format, and added ...bombs. Yep, bombs. Just what we want in a strategy game, bombs.

James Bond Jr. 263/365

I don't have any memories of this before school cartoon but if he's anything like his old man he's either running around with a golden gun or chasing dames. So let us take the time to celebrate the release of James Bond Jr today, September 20th, 1991.