R.O.A.R. Tour & Endfest of ‘97

-When I 16 years old I wanted to be a DJ so I went to WENZ in Cleveland, Ohio and hung out around Spaceman Scott, I think it was Scott, definitely Spaceman.

During the time I went to The End or over to WMMS I was given CDs and tickets. At one point I was given tickets to see Endfest on May 17th where Henry Rollins, Soul Coughing, Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Moby took the stage. I went with my concert buddy at the time and we enjoyed the day at Blossom Music Center. I don’t have a lot of memories from that day besides a rumor that Henry Rollins was reported to have had sex with his lady friend in the lawn, which doesn’t seem like him but certainly a fun childhood memory. For some reason they gave away tickets after the show to R.O.A.R. Tour for later in the month, May 30th, 1997. This was where I helped Iggy Pop crowd surf through the pit and watched Jimbo Wallace ride his bass during Rev. Horton Heat’s set. That may have been the start to my push away from being an alternateen and find the musical stylings of punk rock. At some point my concert buddy Dave, broke his glasses and we had to head to the office for something to repair it with. While I was sitting in the offices someone said something or I saw a sign or honestly I have no idea why but I asked if they were hiring. Not sure what happened from that point to the first day of work but they apparently said yes.

Dave from the show and I worked in the parking lot lawn for the summer. We did nothing besides stand with an orange pointer so cars would know their direction. We would sit around and bullshit for a few hours until our lot opened because the prior one filled up. Once our lot was full we were done until after the show. Which meant all the employees would go hang out at the fast food down the road and flirt with each other while Dave and I went to the show in a staff uniform and walked around watching what we normally wouldn’t, like Jimmy Buffet or Dave Matthews Band. We would have to report to our lot by the end of the night to help unpark the lots; that consisted of doing nothing. There was nothing that could be done to make that nonsense better or worse. Instead of sitting and doing nothing waiting for the lot to open we had to stand and no nothing waiting for it to empty out.

I would highly suggest any teenager taking a job like like over a fast food or whatever kids do. See tons of bands and get paid for it.

Plus you’re out super late.

Today is the 23rd anniversary of the R.O.A.R. show and now you know that.

My actual ticket stub.

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