Rambo 338/365

December 4th, 1987 was the day this game was released, so it was the beginning.
It’s not over Johnny!

“John Rambo is a Special Forces soldier that is currently spending time in military prison, until Colonel Trautman decides that Rambo is the ideal soldier to be sent on a special mission. Rambo’s mission is simple, go to Vietnam and photograph the POW camp there. He is also ordered not to engage the enemy or rescue any POW’s. In Vietnam, Rambo meets his contact, Co, and she sets up the passage to the POW camp. During the mission, Rambo cannot bear just photographing the camp when he has an ample opportunity to rescue one of the prisoners. He decides to disobey orders and go for the rescue, which is when it all starts to go wrong.

Rambo is a side scrolling platform game where the player controls Rambo in his mission to Vietnam. The game starts at the military base before getting sent to Vietnam. Once there, Rambo has to fight animals in the jungles, swamps, and caves like wasps, snakes, fish, tigers, bats, spiders, birds, apes and flamingos. Before making his way to the POW camp, he has to fight guards and mercenaries that can kick and shoot him, all wearing differently colored shirts depending on how powerful they are. The game also requires the player to navigate a complex map where the player has to find North and South points on the ground to go up and down levels as well as East and West by moving Rambo to the edge of the screen. There are 6 different weapons that Rambo can pick up: a knife, a throwing knife, a bow with arrows, a bow with exploding arrows, a gun, and a hand grenade. All the weapons but the knife has limited ammo which is collected from killed enemies. There are also health vials that restore health, as well as mission specific items that Rambo must find to complete some missions. The game uses password saves that can be retrieved when talking to other characters.”

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