RoboCop 042/365

November 11th, 1988 is the day we were able to first play RoboCop in the comfort of our own basements. Since November has some double days and you’ve been so good lately; I thought I would drop this one a little early.

“The private corporation O.C.P. have taken control of the overwhelmed police force of Detroit. In order to deal with an immense crime wave hitting the city, a cyborg law enforcement agent has been created.

RoboCop is a side-scrolling action game that consists of six stages. These six assignments include locations at the streets of Old Detroit, city hall, a warehouse, O.C.P. headquarters, the steelworks, and the board room. RoboCop dispatches his enemies with punches and a handgun (a special issue Auto-9) that has an infinite amount of ammo. RoboCop is not invincible though, as he can only take so many hits before his power runs out, plus his battery power gradually drains as he moves. However, lost power can be restored by finding power icons, and lost battery power can be restored by finding battery chargers found throughout the stages. Other items RoboCop can find and use are a machine gun that comes with fifty bullets and the powerful cobra gun.

RoboCop has four functions he can use. The infrared vision function lets RoboCop detect weak walls that can be punched in order to reveal shortcuts. The punch function lets the player know that the enemy they’re facing can only be defeated by punching, no use of weapons is permitted. The foe detector function shows how close RoboCop is to the boss enemy of a stage. The faster it blinks, the closer he is. The energy/power alarm function will start sounding an alarm if either RoboCop’s energy or power gets too low.

There is also a target practice bonus round between stages, where the player has to shoot as many targets as they can in a limited amount of time to earn bonus points to add to their score.”

Pick up your own copy here and don’t forget to check “Sold Items” before hitting up an auction.

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