Rock N Ball 083/365

On this very day in 1989 Pinball got a whole new spin. Typically when you try to reinvent the wheel you fail horribly but that is no the case with Rock N Ball. There’s a bunch of different ways to play pinball outside the usual way it’s great. Some are better than others but they all add an element of more fun when your friends are over. There’s one that’s pretty much Alleyway and that’s awesome.

“Rock ‘N’ Ball is a pinball game with several gameplay options. The first is regular pinball game for one to four players. The second option is called nineball and the object is to shoot the balls into the playfield and have them land in the holes to form a bingo pattern (i.e. a vertical line, a horizontal line, etc.) This game is also for one to four players. Next is battle flipper. There is a set of flippers at both the top and bottom of the table, and two players try to knock the pinball past their opponents flippers. Lastly is sports pinball. In this game the pinball table is set up to look like a soccer or hockey field. Similar to battle flipper, each player tries to knock the pinball past their opponents goalie. There is only one flipper in this game, however you have a goalie to block shots and the flipper can be moved from side to side.”

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This one gets weird

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