Shooting Range 161/365

In June of 1989 a game called Shooting Range was released and the children of the day did not attack their classmates or anyone around them because of it. I do not believe video games are the problem with America; guns and access to them but not mental health resources is the problem.

“The aim is to shoot the discs on the screen so that you can acquire enough points to pass the clearing point score of that particular stage without your time or energy running out. You can choose between different difficulty levels. They affect the time you have to complete the stages. For difficulty level 1 you get 300 game time, difficulty level 2 gives you 250, and difficulty level 3 only 200.

Items you can shoot during the game include an hourglass which extends time by 50, an E which gives you 100 points + 1 Energy bar, an E in a white square which gives you 100 points + 2 Energy bars, a Reverse E which gives you 1 Energy bar and C or W symbol which both give only 100 points each. Each disc you shoot above an enemy is worth between 100-500 points.

The game contains three stages that involve a western, ghost house, and a space theme. There is also a bonus stage where you try to shoot as many bottles as possible. In the party game mode, you compete to have the highest score.”

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