Hoops 326/365

When I was a kid I had a classmate with the last name of Hoops and he sucked at basketball. That has to affect your social standings in grade school. This version of Hoops came home November 22nd in 1988 and it was still not NBA Jam.

Double Dribble 308/365

November 4th, 1986 was the time we could first bring home Double Dribble. Which was fantastic, just like the game. But in all honestly I can't revisit a basketball game once we learned the magic of NBA Jam and then later with 2K. I just can't do it.

Ultimate Basketball 268/365

Ultimate Basketball came out in September of 1990 and it was pretty good. It got lost in the shuffle of a million other basketball games but it was worth playing at the time. If you don't have it or simply have zero interest in this one then check out the Bulls, they're playing for 30 in 30 today.

Tecmo NBA Basketball 246/365

Tecmo really enjoyed dropping their games on the 1st of September because like yesterday's game this one released on the first but in 1992. No, this isn't as good as football but it was great, allowing you pick plays and then NOT actually play; revolutionary.

Magic Johnson’s Fast Break 076/365

Have you been watching that show Winning Time: The Rise of The Lakers Dynasty? It's wonderful. The filming styles they use, John C. Reilly's style and the kid who plays Magic is...O right. Magic Johnson's Fast Break came out this month in 1990.

Basketball Diaries 9/365

My father took me to see it and he should not. I remember him hemming and hawing at everything and finally leaving me alone in the theater as he walked because LDC was in a bathroom stall getting a blowjob. This pretty much guaranteed a young like would become obsessed and watch it a million more times. I really dug the soundtrack and moved onto reading and listening to Jim Carroll's works.