The Invention of Lying 275/365

I took a stab at this title on my way out of my local Blockbuster for the last time because of the cast. It wasn't over the top good but it was worth the time and certainly worth the couple to fallen giant.

Lack of TV Will Rot Your Disc

The glue used to bind LaserDiscs is breaking down. Years of improper storage and neglect, shuttered away in dark, damp garages — LaserDiscs are falling apart because we forgot about them. DVDs were smaller, cheaper. The quality is poorer but they were new, so we chose them over their bigger, clunkier forefathers. And then we made film so small that we didn’t have to carry it around at all, except for in our iPods and tablets. But the films that exist on LaserDiscs don’t exist anywhere else. The Blockbuster Video in Bend, Oregon is the last of its kind, and the glue used to bind LaserDiscs is breaking down.