Back To The Future 262/365

Back to the Future is my all time favorite trilogy, it's my Star Wars. It's the movie I play everytime I'm sick or need background noise. For that reason alone this September release from 1989 is one of my personal favorites.

Back To The Future 2&3 250/365

In September of 1990 LJN, who are famously known for making awful video games decided to bundle two parts from the greatest trilogy ever told and released a game not really worth playing. It's hard for me to say that considering my feelings on this franchise. We celebrate this title on the day that Doc Brown dies in 1885 until his good friend Marty shows up.

Back to the Future Day Upgrade

"I remember it vividly, I was standing on the edge of my toilet, hanging a clock. The porcelain was wet. I slipped and hit my head on the sink to my left. And when I came to, I had a revelation — a vision that was absolutely perfect — a picture in my head of everything I needed to do and how I could do it."