Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf 251/365

O, Cool. Thanks for this "Fighting"Golf video game, Lee Trevino. This game came out in September of 1988 and it sucks, you know that.

NES Open Tournament Golf 178/365

What's Golden Tee? This is NES Open Tournament Golf. From way back to June 14th, 1987 Mario played the back 9 in your living room. I have to say, I find it strange how popular Video Game Golf is outside of interactive titles like Wii or the training machine they use. But hey, ya dig what ya dig.

Jack Nicklaus Golf 073/365

Because Golf is meaningless to me and movies reign supreme I thought this guys name was Jack Nicholson and he should change his name. 18 Holes came out in March on 1990 and I later realized the truth behind this imposter's name. So I was wrong; Golf is still lame.