The Chessmaster 324/365

You can't really go wrong with a chess video game as it's pretty simple to set up and let the game that has proven itself through time to once again do so. November of 1989 is when this one started playing on the screens of super dorks across America.

Beer League 258/365

I first watched this because I love Howard Stern and Artie was on the show. It was weak and the best thing about it was Shuli making a joke on the Artie roast about its last day in the theater. But I watched it again recently and I really enjoyed it in that garbage Saturday afternoon kinda way. So watch it today.

Bobo’s Cameo

-My buddy Spence rented Steve from Florida to record a Cameo and it follows below. Peace & Love to Bobo and thanks for being willing to get paid to ramble. You are a hero and deserve your 9/11 jacket. Bobo's Cameo