Romeo & Juliet 285/365

This is one of those movies that's good to put on low volume and let play while you sleep on the couch. Every once in awhile seeing the cool imagery.

Basketball Diaries 55/365

This movie solidified how fantastic Leonardo DiCaprio is to me when I first saw it in the movie theater. His performance where he is kicking smack with Winston always hits so hard and showed me he is more than Ben's adopted brother.

Basketball Diaries 9/365

My father took me to see it and he should not. I remember him hemming and hawing at everything and finally leaving me alone in the theater as he walked because LDC was in a bathroom stall getting a blowjob. This pretty much guaranteed a young like would become obsessed and watch it a million more times. I really dug the soundtrack and moved onto reading and listening to Jim Carroll's works.

The Quick and the Dead 2/365

The great Sam Rami brought in DiCaprio, Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Russel Crowe, Keith David, Lt. Dan, Lance Hendriksen, and of course Bruce Campbell for this fantastic and highly underrated western. This also stars the girl from The Torkelsons, which should be on Disney+.