Mega Man 2 358/365

Christmas came early in 1988 with a December 24th release of Mega Man 2. Imagine the amount of kids that were smiling that Christmas morning and the amount of brats who forced their parents to get it for them on Christmas Eve.

Mega Man 4 340/365

December 6th, 1991 was a day for the record books as we not only got another Mega Man game, 4 to be exact, but it's a good one. Not just some crappy continuation for $60 a pop, a legit good game.

Mega Man 6 309/365

It was today, November 5th in the wonderful year of 1993 that Mega Man came to a close for the NES. Number 6 in the series was last one to be released for this outstanding entertainment system but do not worry because he came back hard for the Super Nintendo.

Mega Man 3 271/365

Mega Man 3 from September 28th, 1990 is an amazing title and one that is on every single Nintendo collector's wall in today's world. Even if you don't like this title, you should, you own it for the history.