Remember Tom Green’s Balls?

He's only got the one now I believe. Maybe he picked up a fake one?

Remote Control 134/365

You can't go wrong this title. The show was great and the game is a blast. It wasn't until this month in 1990 that we could be disappointed that Adam Sandler didn't make the cut for the game.

Woodstock 94 312/365

I flew home from a family vacation at 13 and the early 20 year olds I sat next to were on their way to the show and I was instantly jealous. I listened to the double cd so many times in my youth I couldn't begin to count.

Remote Control Fan Site

I mean, yeah, I liked Remote Control a lot too but a fan site? Don't get me wrong I watched it. I had the NES and Tandy video games but a fan site. This late. How many years did he buy the site and hosting for? Keep Going...