Touchdown Fever 315/365

Touchdown fever was released today November 11th but in 1988. To be honest I don't care to discuss football right now. You see I'm a Browns fan and although I'm use to sadness, I am not use to having a known monster like Watson wearing my colors.

10-Yard Fight 295/365

Another gem from October 18th, 1985 that we have to celebrate on a different day. Football games on the NES were all great simply because they were miles above Atari. Even this one that is way below some others.

NFL 216/365

Today is the start of NFL Preseason games so I figured why not throw out this one. Originally from October of 1990 comes a wonderful game from our youth that I will never need to turn on again. Ever. Watch the Opening Titles below for memories and leave it at that.

John Elway’s Quarterback 061/365

John Elway is pile of shit and anything associated with him is a piece of it. Yesterday in 1990 this money grab was released and no one cared. John Elway is so worthless his game does not deserve to be discussed on its proper release date.